Digital Dreaming

For years I've had an interest in digital art, attending as many art and computer class as was available from elementary through secondary. In my spare time I enjoy playing video games and watching movies from all eras and genres. I enjoy digital works a great deal, and love to break them down in my head to figure out how they would be produced. Aside from the computer I have a large collection of Warhammer models which I collect, build and paint when I have the time and inspiration. I've got dozens of projects on the go that range from a custom lightsaber I machined to a Steampunk costume for conventions to a full chainmaille shirt and coif. I'm a collector of anything nerdy and love to add to my ever growing array of nick-nacks.

Working World

A recent graduate of Humber College's 3D Animation program, I feel confident that I am ready to enter to the working world and expand my knowledge in a real-world environment. I hope to find a team that can give me guidance during the first steps of my career, and that will welcome my input to further our creative endeavors.


Dudley Rig

Model + textures by Stephen Gibson Rigging by Michael Taylor

Okran Rig

Modeled by Brendan Dalgado DOWNLOAD HERE


A scripted tool to manage selected modifier properties. DOWNLOAD HERE

Scripted Modular Cottage

A scripted UI for a modular cottage for quick scene generation.

Bird Flew

Bird Flew, n IOS game built in 48 hours for The Great Canadian Appathon 2, APP STORE

Mid Flight

Players tilt the device to dodge geese. Hitting clouds scares away birds.

Top Score

Player scores are ranked online on Apple Game Center.

Game Over

Hitting a bird causes the player to fall to the ground.


Character rig, including IK/FK blend arms and legs.

Mechanical Doodad

A small scene depicting a console under maintenance.

Modular Cottage

A modular cottage for quick scene generation.

Modular Cottage

A modular cottage for quick scene generation.


Michael Taylor, Resume 2014

Click HERE to download the PDF version.


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